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IPM-Intelligent Power Module, PIM-Power Intelligent Module, SCR-Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Diode, FET, Thyristor, Transistor Modules, Rectifier, GTR-Giant Transistor, IGBT-Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, GTO-Gate Turn On, Fast Recovery Diode, Diode Module, Schottky Diode, PWM-Pulse Width Modulator, Power Mosfet, Bridge Rectifier, Single Phase Bridge, Three Phase Bridge.

Fuji Unlimited specializes in power semiconductor devices. With over 35 years of industrial sourcing experience we have supplier channels and connections to provide most any device and brand. When you are facing long lead times or told your device has been discontinued and obsolete you’ll appreciate why so many count on a competitive quote from us for all their sourcing requirements.

Manufacturer Brands Supplied:

ABB/Asean Brown Boveri, AEG, Ansaldo, APC/American Power Conversion, APT, Catelec, CKE, Crydom, Danfoss, Dynex, Eupec, Fairchild, Ferraz, Fuji, GE/General Electric, Harris, Hitachi, Infineon, IR/International Rectifier, IXYS, Kato, KEC, Mitel, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NIEC/Nihon, Pillar, Plessey, Poseico, Powerex, Powersem, SanKen, SanRex, Sansha, Santry, Sanyo, Semikron, Siemens, Solitron, Toshiba, Unitrode, Vishay, Westcode.

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